Overcome Back, Neck, and Joint Pain Non-Surgically

Chiropractic Care At Galilee Medical Center

Work injuries often occur over time because of repetitive stress and over extension of your joints. This generally occurs with poor posture while bending, twisting, or performing any other motions frequently, but can occur with correct posture as well.

Chiropractors specialize in non-surgical treatment for your back and neck, which make up majority of work-related injuries. Common work injuries include Sciatica or Back Ache, Arthritis, and Carpal Tunnel.

Car accidents frequently leave people with neck or back pain. These symptoms do not always manifest immediately and don't require a high speed collision. Immediate injuries include concussions, fractures, dislocations, and cuts to the skin. Nerve, blood vessel, and other internal injuries can take much longer to create noticeable symptoms so it is important to see a doctor immediately after your accident.

A chiropractor specializes in the musculoskeletal system and can help make you minimize any long-term health issues after a car accident.

Over-extension of your muscles or joints can lead to breaks and tears in tissue or other sources of pain. Common injuries include Strains, Sprains, Stress Fractures, and forms of Tendonitis such as Golfer's or Tennis Elbow.

Chiropractors use non-surgical methods such as physical therapy to bring you back to your best.

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